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Bulbed Cable Bolt

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  • MaterialPC Strand and Bar and Black Pipe
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Bulbed Cable Bolt

We are a manufacturer of bulbed cable bolt and Dynamic solid bolt and friction bolt, etc in regards to the all kinds of ground supporting procedure in Civil and Mining.
And also are providing a innovation solution worldwide.
Thank you.

Hammer Kim / General Director

│ Description │

Rock and Soil situation can threaten a safe work environment. Garford’s Cable Bolts are invented and designed to prevent lateral and vertical strata movement. Cable Bolts have a higher strength than traditional plain cable bolts and thread bar(Rock Bolt) and also adjustable capacity on each ground conditions.

The normal application field include :- Mining, Tunneling, Slope stabilization, Permanent anchoring, Cavern.

│ Features │

● High strength and Lower cost compared to other ground supporting materials existed
● Very easy installation and high applicable
● Available with one-piece Cable Bolt for the long length borehole designed without any other components

│ The Products Background │

Cable Bolts have been used extensively in underground mines since the early 1970's. A comprehensive review of cable bolt performance in the early 1980's indentified that load transfer between plain strand and grout was often ineffective and resulted in extensive rock mass failures. At that time, Birdcage strand was developed to improve the load transfer and was introduced into both Underground and Open pit Mines. There was a marked improvement in overall performance of cable bolt reinforcement due to the increase in effectiveness of load transfer. However, the method of manufacture of Birdcage strand was inefficient and in the late 1980's Neville Hedrick invented an automated method to produce Garford Bulbs™ in strand. In the two decades since that time, Garford Bulb™ has been manufactured and used economically and effectively for Ground Support Applications Worldwide.

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